halo: deliverance - a live action film

Deliverance is the story of a lone ODST soldier in his fight against an army of enemy Insurrectionists. 

With an expected running time of 4o minutes and a proposed budget of $10,000, we took the project to Indiegogo in hope it would raise the necessary funds to make the film. The Indiegogo page consisted of a reward scheme, examples of our 3D work, storyboard images, and a live action trailer explaining our project and also showing off our cinematic ability. 

Unfortunately the campaign didn't quite reach the numbers of people needed to raise the money. This said the trailer maintains to be a piece of work we are proud of, and the making of which has helped propel us towards future and equally exciting projects.

The tragic tale of harry donovan 

'During a dark night in Southern England, two peculiar gentlemen drag a body into the woods and dump it, however, the following day, it’s no longer there – Harry Donovan is alive.'

This is a project we have been working on for over a year, and we couldn't be prouder with the results. With a full cast of talented actors and a running time of 24 minutes, we expect to send the film to festivals in early January 2017. 

Key Credits:

Directed by: Sam Gipple
Written by: Tom Clarke
Story by: Tom Clarke, Sam Gipple and Michael Robertson

Main Cast:
Harry Donovan - Will Ansell
Kettle - Aaron Thaddeus Lee
Iron - Rob Bowen
Philip - Patrick Ashe
Ken - Neale Jenvey
Frank - Michael Crawley
Enid - Elizabeth Crawley
Louise - Hannah Wardman

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